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Choosing the right patio contractor

Homeowner has the responsibility to do their due diligence when choosing a contractor for their hardscape needs. Whether you want a simple paver patio, pond or fountain there are couple of key points homeowners need to ask the contractor placing bids;

Authorized Contractor- Contractor should be authorized by the material/equipment manufacturer or should be working towards their authorization. If contractor is working towards their authorization make sure manufacturer will be your site overseeing the job.

Insurance- Contractor should be able to present an assigned Certificate of Insurance directly from their insurance broker assigned to you and your property. COI will include coverage amounts for liability insurance and workmans compensation

Contract/Agreement- Should be in writing and you should be able to get all three forms of contact; phone, text, email. Warranty information and material used at job site, should all be included in the estimate/agreement.

Reviews- Homeowner should be able to easily find online reviews on the patio company presenting the bid. Patio company should have a public transparent online presence and local shop where the consumer can go directly for any problems.

-Art Cruz

The patio guy.

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